Cost effectiveness

Q: Is concrete landscaping really expensive?

Darrick: While it is true that stamped concrete is more expensive than asphalt, it is much more competitive than using natural stone, brick or precast pavers. The cost of stamped concrete depends on a number of factors including the size of the area you are looking at having done, the amount of detail and complexity the project requires and the number of colours you are looking to include. There are lots of ways that we can chat about to help your project fit your budget. For instance, you can consider using one colour and one pattern for the entire job. But that doesn’t mean your project has to be boring. You can include curved lines instead of using all straight lines in your project and mix stamped concrete with plain concrete areas. We can add in exposed aggregate, we can broom the concrete or we can antique it. Concrete landscaping is a beautiful option for getting the look of more expensive materials for a fraction of the price.

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